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Turn a compliance hassle into a supportive relationship with your employees.

Parental Leave
Planning Support


Holistic Leave Planning Support

Expert Guide for Your Parental Leave Processes

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  • Use our onboarding questionnaire as a check for your leave processes. 

  • On-demand one hour onboarding consultation with a leave specialist.

Clear timeline of how various benefits coordinate 

  • Customized to your company's policy and one specific employee scenario.

  • Up-to-date federal/state/city benefits.

Features Your Employees want


Plan work arrangements accurately with their team


Clear timeline for various benefits such as job protection, insurance, state benefits, PTO.

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Self-serve tool for what-if scenarios

Set up now,
get a clear leave timeline.

Step 1: Set up the profile

Answer a questionnaire or have a call to set up your Leave & PTO policy. 

Step 2: Easy planning

Get a timeline customized to your leave policy and your employee's scenario. 

Plan a holistic, personalized leave timeline.

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