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Demystify Parental Leave Planning

Introducing a self-service planning tool

that delivers the most complete view of leave benefits for expecting, adoptive, and foster parents.


A Solution Made By and For Working Parents

Penguin Benefits was born from one parent’s struggle to understand the complexities of parental leave benefits.

Our solution allows parents to seamlessly model  personalized leave scenarios and understand options for a better planning experience.

Parental leave planning tool interface.

A Tool That Works for Everyone on the Parental Leave Journey

You've received the news - now what?

You've heard about parental leave, but how does it apply to you?

We've got you covered!

We get you started on your parental leave journey with a simplified planning experience.

You've got this!

We make it easy!

We show you all the options so
that you can create a plan.

Paid Parental Leave is Evolving and Complex

With a growing number of states adding their own paid leave benefits (PFML) for working parents,

it is more important than ever for them to be informed of what’s available and how it works.

Pregnancy leave planning is complex and constantly evolving.
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Simplify Parental Leave Planning for All

Give working parents and employers the help they need with a comprehensive digital planning tool

Simplifies employees' leave planning experience with a tool that includes all benefits in one place.

Models various leave scenarios to determine the ideal plan for every family's needs.

Creates a personalized timeline and checklist to stay on track with to-do's.


Streamlines and reduces administrative burden with a self-service tool featuring all parental leave benefits at a federal/state/city and company level.

Enhances the employee experience and prioritizes talent retention.

Supports an integrated leave management process.


Take the Parental Leave Journey With Penguin Benefits

Strengthen your competitive position in the leave and disability management market with a cutting-edge tool that simplifies parental leave planning.

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