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Portrait of a lovely young pregnant coup

Parental leave is a time to create memories that last a lifetime.

Celebrate this moment with your baby. 

We'll provide you peace of mind.


Step-by-step guide, like 

"TurboTax" for parental leave benefits.


Our smart engine integrates federal/state/city and employer benefits that are applicable to you


A visual parental leave timeline estimate, showing how different benefits coordinate to form your leave.

Take control of your parental leave planning

Select your state to get started with planning


How We Help

A basket of benefits converge to form your parental leave. California State Disability Insurance, Paid Family Leave, Pregnancy Disability Leave, California Family Rights Act, Employer Voluntary Disability Plan, Bonding Supplements and Paid Time Off....

We'll help you understand how these benefits pertain to your scenario, so you can rest assured.

Baby Sleeping

Busy new moms and dads volunteered their time to provide feedback that made this tool possible, because they want to help future parents like you.

On average, we've helped expecting parents find nearly a month of additional paid leave.

Sample Parental Leave Plan

Our users are saying...

Penguin Benefits was able to provide me with a clear summary of my benefits compared to what was offered by the state of California. As first time parents and new to the state, it was reassuring to hear that we were not missing anything. Seeing exactly when each one of the benefit periods would start and end made the entire process easy.

- Madiha Hafeez, First-time-mom


Parental Benefits Resources

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