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A Flexible SaaS Tool That Streamlines the Parental Leave Journey

Our intuitive digital platform augments existing leave administration processes

with a simplified planning experience personalized for each employee.

Our saas tool simplifies and streamlines the leave planning journey.
Penguin Benefits
Penguin Benefits
Penguin Benefits
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Penguin Benefits
Penguin Benefits
Penguin Benefits
Penguin Benefits
Penguin Benefits


Reduce the Complexities

of Leave Planning

Reduce the complexities of leave planning.

Penguin Benefits’ personalized tool delivers a self-service option for employees that reduces time and confusion during parental leave planning, and streamlines processes for employers and leave administration teams. Employees gain a solid foundational understanding of their entitled leave benefits while using the tool at their own pace.

The more educated employees are, the less time employers and leave administrators must spend researching and answering questions - leading to a better overall experience.

Our self-service tool halp users navigate the complex parental leave planning process.

How it Works

Our Leave Planning Platform offers a leading tool with a comprehensive view of all benefits available to help employees plan their parental leaves.

Designed with intuitive navigation validated by deep consumer research, Penguin helps eliminate confusion in a complicated process.

The tool allows parents to plan various scenarios that show estimates they can then use throughout the leave planning journey. Once final, plans are easily submitted to the employer and leave administrator for streamlined leave claim submissions. An easy-to-follow checklist for action items helps employees self-manage the process.

Review your estimated leave timeline and scenarios.
Let's walk through your available benefits.


Why Penguin Benefits?

Let's walk through your available benefits.

Our innovative solution is built for parents while providing valuable support for all teams involved in the parental leave administration process.

As the only tool of its kind for parental leave planning, Penguin Benefits' Leave Planning Tool is for any company looking to improve their existing leave management system by:

Improving Operational Efficiency

Improving Operational Efficiency

  • Provides human resources and leave administrator teams with parental leave benefits information at their fingertips - at the federal/state/city/employer levels and showing the interactions among various benefits

  • Enhances transparency around the parental leave benefits process and reduces administrative burden

  • Offers a clear and intuitive framework to ensure accurate and comprehensive planning


Enhancing Competitive Position

  • Solves a real market problem for employees and employers

  • Leverages innovative technology that transforms the leave planning experience

  • Demonstrates commitment to employee-centric offerings sought by leading employers today

  • Saves time and money - partnering with Penguin instead of internally building the tool saves on development and maintenance efforts


Delivering Superior Employer or Employee Experience

  • Offers a clear, concise, and comprehensive tool for parental leave planning

  • Provides employees with a solid foundational understanding of entitled leave benefits

  • Creates a seamless and personalized journey with helpful timeline and action items

  • Makes a positive impact on employee satisfaction and talent management


"This gives me confidence as I plan and before I reach out to HR or the LOA team."

Non-birthing Parent

"We have people all over the country with different backgrounds - this provides a good solid foundation to get to understanding."


"The flexibility of the interactive approach is great."

Leave Administrator

"I'd use this as soon as I knew my due date."


"The language is really thought out."

Expectant Parent

"I like that it goes step by step. Everything is all together for me. I don’t have lots of questions because I see it all here."

Expectant Parent

What Users Say

Get Started Today

Enhance your parental leave offering with a cutting-edge SaaS tool that can be quickly and efficiently integrated.

Augment existing systems or use it as a standalone offering.

Roll out the platform in a matter of weeks, with no coding required.

Reaching the finish line.
Penguin Benefits
Let's walk through your available benefits.

The platform uses advanced algorithms combined with user-friendly interfaces to serve up compliance details with validated statutory requirements. Flexible and robust benefits configurations support the needs of all employers. The tool covers statutory and employer-specific benefits.

Penguin’s platform can be integrated onto a company’s existing leave planning technology stack or serve as a stand-alone tool.

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